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Pick your poison

alt+#(##) codes
Codes (other than the 4# ones listed on the character map) for symbols. (: I still have to type this up.
Hugz by ??
The hugz program, if anyone has it, please send!
Hugz2 (Jeff's Cool Chatter Gold)
Hugz2 complete with macros and such, if anyone has it, please send!
Rage Con Beta2 by CaRDShArK (c)
An awesome proggie contributed by K, anything from away messages to mail bombs, I REALLY wish I had had this on P* (: Looks like a LOT of fun <g>
If the above program says you're missing that file (like me) for some reason then DL it here.
Same as above. Also, the above 3 files were generously contributed by K.


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