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The Shrine to Prodigy Classic

First, I'l bore you of an explanation as to why this shrine exists
and a general introduction to P*.

P* was an ISP much like aoh*ll, complete with mail, IMz, chat rooms,
punt demons..the works.  So the web was a little there
were a lot of chatties...  It was a friendly environment.  And
not just the amazing people, but the way it was set up...just *look*
at that picture at the enterence, is it not warm and welcoming?

Well, in an effort to keep up with the times, Prodigy "upgraded"
tp Prodigy Internet.  In vying on the market for DL speed, they
lost the atmosphere...whether they even *have* chatrooms is
unknown...IMz is now a DLable application that came out so late
that we'd switched already to ICQ or AIM...etc.  Anyway, Classic
self-destructed to boost PI (for a time they had been coexisting)
at midnight of...if someone remembers the date do tell me ^^;
Sometime in Oct.

Er..well..that was kinda short :p  Oh well, there's more moaning
about the virtures and vices of P* that will go up in the
nostalgia section (:

An additional do you guys pronounce P*?  Just say Prodigy?  Pstar is kinda odd...somehow I ended up called it I won't think "lol" as a word, I spell it out, if I ever say it aloud it'll be L-O-L.

Also, if you have ANYthing at all to contribute, PLEASE send it to me
at, I will be happy to put up just
about anything (:  I especially would like some logs!!!


Main Island
Some more general info
Ocean of Wavs
Sounds I had stored in my P* folder
The Allmighty Chatlog
Logs of various interesting chats
A few memories I collected on D-day
Last goodbyes and fading memories...
Other webpages devoted to some aspect of P*
Codes, cheats, proggies, etc
Old P* fun stuff ;)

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