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Comp Snapshots (may be extened into a P* people I know gallery, just so I can show off my bishies ;)

K and I in IMz..yes...he likes his humbugs as much as he likes shucking corn.
The last IM with Senti who was talking about a P* game which I only played once and was really bad at ^^;
K and I waiting to follow everyone and throw a zillion last minute messages on the CF BB.
A BB Post
K's last reply (but he lied <G> he posted again under Krakken at the new CF board
Another BB Post
My own last post to the old P* BBs.
The last minute....
One last thing before I got kicked at midnight...but I didn't get kicked at midnight...false hope...we had thought we'd won...
As P* falls down...
This is the horrid message that burned my eyes once I logged back on from my punt at around 12:15
Two of the typo demons on the hunt
Piccy provided by Dan (:


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