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Dan and I with the ghost of Crysi
Messing around, partial water fight.
Mont and Senti
Mont, as over-protective father, attacking Senti
Mont and I
Me attacking Mont to get Senti's soul back ^^;
Mont and I
Daddy dearest as my lawyer ^^;;; I have a lot of him because as P* died and I actually though about doing txts, we were the ones that were left to txt.
Senti, Dan, K (Shaddah), me
A CF party with a non-CF (: It's all organized because I posted it on the 'board as well.
Senti and I
Senti being his usual adorable sillyness <g>
Senti, K, and I
Messing around...something about a pokechardinosaur ^^; and very near the end.
P* Sightings
Mostly with Mooj and Bookie, these are Mont's collection, not sure the story behind them, if they're just txts or what.
The last moments...
Me, Senti, K, and Kenji/Jimmy in our last moments of P* insanity ;_;
O.O Just read it.
Senti (Worty), K (Happy), Tala (Pringles) after drinking spiked orange juice O.O beware, some nude asciis. Funny as LAVA.


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