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Commonly used wavs

Hey, I got some mail!
From Senti to replace the original.
A lazer sound.
Used to wake people up or annoy anyone that's trying to go afk.
r2d2 noises.
Uh...I think it was just fun ^^;
Same as above, I don't have this one, someone send it!!
I'll be back
For afking, it's from Terminator if you're sheltered enough not to recognize it.
I'm baaaaaaaaaack
For bak.
3 stoodges I believe? The use is obvious :p
Death of Elmo
Just entertaining, like the furby mp3 <g>
Death of Barney by the Sailor Senshin o.o
Same as above except I don't have this one, someone send!
From "Animaniacs"..I always thought it said "what's the emergency" ^^; For afk going.
Death of a Newbie
Fun to play at newbies who had no idea what the heck you were doing anyway (:
"It's the eeeend of the woooorld as we know it...!" we liked destroying You have a problem with that?? ::battosai eyes::
The sound of one falling from the attic (:
Usually to indicate that you're back in the room and conscious (: try describing it ^^; it's the open-screen noise from FF1
This became my IM noise.
A griffin caw
I'm pretty sure AuraFlame was the distributer.
A lady giggling
Obvious purpose <g>
Hey, hang on you guys..I'll be right back
Not Homer from "The Simpsons" so says Expert Senti. Used for afk and brb.
I made this one from some minigolf demo, good to remind people they've just been thrown in a lake (:
er...squish sound..
I made it, don't ask. If you're have a noise.
Part of the "Thunder Cats" opening.
One of Dan's favorites <g> exit music.
A uh..croon.
I made this one too (: it's for firelizard crooning noises.
whatever a trill sounds like :p
Also made by me, a firelizard trill.
Lots of voices laughing
uh. I dunno. Foxxy gave it to me <g>
Part of the song from "Voltron"
More of Dan's exit music.
Well, you have my total attention now, I'm not quite sure if I have yours though.
Another wav to wake people up with <g>


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