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Wavs that I'm probably the only one to use

From SM, baka meaning stupid or idiot in Japanese.
Bangkok, oriental setting but the city don't know what the city is getting...
From "Chess", it's just a fun song (:
"I...I don't like cheese..." "<gasp>" "Maybe if it were for something else..pie maybe...or even...."
From "Strike up the Band". Uh. I dunno.
Maria sobs ^^;
From the end of that song in "West Side Story" ;_;
A dragon making dragon noises :p
Tell me a fable.....a fable....
Part of the song "Fable" by Robert Miles, so pretty!
Another dragon noise <g>
Actually ^^; it's the noise of those worm thingies from "Betrayal in Antara" ^^;;
Or however the lava it's spelled. It's Usagi saying "goodnight" from an episode in SMSupers
Hotaru giggling
From sometime in SMSupers
In the begining of Stars the music (and Uranus and Neptune's dialogue ^^; ) that accompanies Hotaru's wave of power.
Silence glaive, apply!
I didn't make it so I don't know where it's from other than that it's Hotaru saying it ^^;
From the Minigolf demo I *think*
Also from the Minigolf demo ^_^


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