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Person-focued Wavs

I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall...
By the Rembrandts, yes the theme from "Friends". I made it for Dan once to try and cheer him up ;p
One moon, one star, I love the one we are...
Part of "One and One" by Robert Miles. This was Kally's theme when she changed her NN to GweyvearRei(sp?)
Uh...I don't actually think I knew Maya, but it's a cool theme (:
Aerosmith song
Bookie's theme, if anyone has it, send it to me!
Cool waves was over...
Part of a song by "Enya". My theme as Mist Queen.
uhm...lotsa stuff
Another Mist Queen theme, this one is more like Kally's with the destructive force idea hehe. It's weird. Geez, going by this I ought to be been Insane Queen.
Coool harmony
The recorder is Dan, can ya belive it? <G> He wrote that too!
One boy, one girl, two hearts beating wildy...
From a country song, Dan's pick for 'ours'. HUSH :p it was a while ago, okay? ^^;;;
His brain is gone.
Bones from "Star Trek". Used for blonde/draino moments or just in reference to Senti (who said our song was "Bohemian Rhapsody" o.O;; hehe )
Cool...stuff.... <G>
The infamous wav of Chaos Queen (: it used to even be my startup sound hehehe. For Kally's Goddess form.
...I will pretend....never don't ignore, I will pretend
Crysie's theme! Dunno what it's from and the original version was longer.
Tell me a fable....a fable....a fable that will never end...and now..I dream...a dream
Another segment from "Fable" by Robert Miles. One of my far too many themes ^^;
The theme music from the game Zelda2
Weeeiiiird collection of song clips
o.O;; uh...just DL it if you dare. My theeemee of weirdness.
"All I wanna do is have some fun..."
Punzie's theme! ::remembers Punzie the pixie and punzaliteimpossibletospell::::


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